Note: We have received some emails asking why this list is missing many crew members. When we receive information, photos, newspaper clippings, letters, etc from survivors or the families of crew members, I display it here.  If the person you're looking for isn't listed, it's because we don't have any information on them. Please send us what you have or know about him and I'll create a page for him. Contact us page.  Our goal is to someday have a page for every single crew member that ever served on this ship. These men deserve their place here and their courage, service and sacrifices should never be forgotten!

Captains of the USS Pringle

  • USS Pringle, commissioned 15 Sep 42, with LCDR Harold O. Larson in command
  • USS Pringle, change of command Sep 43, LCDR George DeMetropolis in command
    • George DeMetropolis transferred to the USS Pringle in Apr 43 as the ships First Navigator before taking over Command in Sep 43
  • USS Pringle, change of command 29 May 44, with LCDR John L. Kelley (offsite link) in command​

The Crew