The USS Pringle sank on 16 Apr 45 at 0926, the survivors were pulled from the water by three ships:

The USS Hobson: DD-464 (off-site link) later DMS-26, assisted by 
a Large Landing Craft Support Ship:  LCS(L)(3)-34 and

a Landing Ship Medium (Rocket):  LSM(R)191,  
began picking up survivors around 1030, by 1115 all survivors were out of the water. 

  • 136 Survivors on the Hobson,
  • 87 Survivors on the LCS(L)(3)-34,
  • 31 Survivors on the LSM(R)191

(The more seriously wounded were shuttled around by Gun Boats and Patrol Craft, such as the PCE-855 )

Note: In the USS Hobson Action Report, they may have accidentally reversed the number of survivors picked up by LSM(R)191 and LCS(L)34.  The following is an excerpt from the LCS(L)(3)-34 History: "The 34 assisted with the rescue of the survivors and succeeded in picking up seventy-seven men and ten officers."  
(This matched the information found in the LCS(L)(3)-34 Deck Log)

What Happened Next?

4PM, the USS Hobson transferred their wounded to the AH-7 Hospital Ship Hope  (off-site link) and the rest of their survivors to the USS Crescent City around 6PM 

At 1635 LCS(L)(3)-34 transferred 17 causalities to the AH-7 Hospital Ship Hope and at 1830 transferred the rest of the survivors to the USS Crescent City

It appears the LSM(R)191 didn't transfer their survivors to the USS Crescent City until around 0030 on 17 Apr 45 (still researching what happened during the next eight days)

Rescue Ships

The Return Home

Later, on Thursday 26 Apr 45, most USS Pringle survivors were welcomed aboard the USS Starlight AP-171 for their return trip to San Francisco

Action Reports / Deck Logs / Messages