Photo 4 & 5 - taken from the 191 during the rescue

Photo 2 - July 1945 at Pearl Harbor

Landing Ship Medium (Rocket):  LSM(R)191

A total of five hundred fifty-eight Landing Ship Medium (LSM) and Landing Ship Medium (Rocket) (LSM(R)s were built during World War II. They serviced in the Asiatic-Pacific theater, and in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The LSM(R), Landing Ship Medium Rocket, were designed to support amphibious landings by providing close-in fire support using their primary battery of rocket launchers. The LSM(R) was a modified LSM, equipped with eight to ten twin 5 inch automatic, continuously fed. rocket launchers. Each launcher was capable of firing thirty spin stablilized rockets per minute. 

During the rescue, LSM(R)191 picked up twenty eight USS Pringle survivors

Displacement: 758 tons (light) 983 tons (attack) 1,175 tons (fully loaded)
Length: 203'6"
Beam: 34'
Draft light: 5'4"  attack: 5'8"  fully loaded: 7'9"
Speed: 13.2 kts
Armament: one single 5"/38 dual purpose gun mount, two 40mm guns, three 20mm guns,
    Rocket Launchers; seventy-five 4-rail MK36, thirty 6-rail MK 30, and eighty-five MK 51 automatic rocket launchers
Complement: 5 officers, 76 enlisted
2 General Motors (non-reversible with airflex clutch) diesel engines, 
    Direct drive 1,440 BHP each @ 720rpm, twin screws
Endurance, 3,000miles @ 12kts
Armor, 10-STS on conning tower, pilot-house, radio room, radar plot, and rocket control. 10-lb, 
   ASPP around 40   and 20mm mounts and directors

LSM Association (off-site link)

Photo 3 - A good photo of LSM(R)194, one of LSM(R)191's sister ships, off Okinawa

Photo 1 - Firing Rockets