Photo 1 - Starlight AP-175 was a C2-S-AJ1 "Storm King" Class Transport

USS Starlight AP-175

After receiving medical attention, most of the USS Pringle survivors were transferred to the USS Starlight AP-175 a C2-S-AJ1 transport ship, and returned to San Francisco. 

Displacement: Navy Light: 4,600, M.C. Deadweight: 10,700, Full Load: 14,960
Length: 459’2”
Beam: 63’
Draft light: 23’   Max. Draft: 27'9"
Speed: 16.5 k
Armament: 1 5”; 4 3”; 12 20mm
Complement: 360
Troop Capacity: 1,375
Turbine engines: HP 6,000
1st Navy Commissioning: 1943
Maritime Commission Standard Type: C2-S-AJ1

Fate of the USS Starlight AP 175 (re-commissioned as the SS Badger State) (off-site link)

USS Starlight Newsletter - Welcoming aboard the crew of the USS Pringle

Starlight's sister ship ~ Storm King AP-171 a C2-S-AJ1 Transport 

Note: the name of the first ship in a class defined the name of that "class"  
The name of AP-171 was "Storm King" ~  other ships built in that class, such as the USS Starlight, 
were referred to as "Storm King" class transport ships