Dick Minich recently did some research to answer a question posed by David McComb of the Destroyer History Foundation.

The question was about the ships that shared the USS Pringle's journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  
Dick contacted Henderson Hemphill and Bill Herman. The three USS Pringle survivors provided the following statement:  

"The USS Pringle and the USS Converse DD-509 went through the Panama Canal with the British Aircraft Carrier the HMS Victorious R38  The Victorious was too large for the canal and had to unload some cargo before she could make it"

A list of places the USS Pringle is mentioned in other websites, articles, etc. 

Other online USS Pringle pages full of great information:

The USS Pringle was launched on May 2, 1942


pre sinking

The USS Pringle was awarded 10 battle stars