Large Landing Craft Support Ship:  LCS(L)(3)-34

(dated Feb 19, 1945 heading into Iwo Jima  / also includes LCS36)

On the morning of 16 April, the USS PRINGLE (DD-477) and USS HOBSON (DD-464) were operating about ten miles from LCS(L)(3)-34 and the LSM(R) 191.  Both groups were attacked by Japanese suicide planes.  Of three enemy Vals attacking the LCS(L)(3)- 34, one was splashed, one probably splashed and the third gave up his attack when all guns were brought to bear on him.  Successful attacks on the part of the enemy resulted in the sinking of PRINGLE.  The 34 assisted with the rescue of the survivors and succeeded in picking of seventy-seven men and ten officers.

     AKA: "Mighty Midgets" or "Mighty Mites"

Displacement: 383 tons (full load)
Length: 158'5"
Beam: 23'3"
Draft: 4'6" forward, 5'10" aft
Speed: 16.5k max at 650 shaft rpm
Armament: 1 3"/50 DP, 2x2 40mm, 4 20mm
Complement: 5 officers, 68 enlisted
2 G.M. diesel engines, model 6051, 1800 hp.
Converted from LCI(L) hulls, but entirely rearranged internally
Provides fire support for landing operations; intercepts and destroys inter-island barge traffic