Chester Leonard Sobocinski
Chester Sobocinski served on the USS Pringle from mid-Fall 1944 until its sinking.  He was a signalman and was wounded during the last Kamikaze attack  His son Lawrence Sobocinski said he sustained injuries to his back during the suicide strike, but actually hurt his back even more severely in San Francisco in a jeep accident. (while "recovering") All he ever said was "we got hit by a suicide plane, and I woke up in the water.  The ship broke like a matchstick, and sank in a couple minutes.  I was slightly hurt, spent a little time in a hospital, then they sent us back to San Francisco". He received VA disability for the rest of his life (he passed away in November 1977 at the age of 51.)  His career as a carpenter was over once he returned from the war, he spent the next 30 years or so at a desk job (National Bank of Detroit).  Indirectly, the Kamikaze attack led to his death, as the sedentary nature of his job, and his inability to exercise led to cardio-vascular problems, and eventually death from a heart attack (after a series of them, starting at age 37).