Howard Melvin (Muggs) Hunt - Radioman on the Pringle, working 5 on and 10 off.  
Muggs was in Division "C" (third in from the left, top row) 
"When I left the Pringle, with a rolling dive off the bow, my life belt (which I had in my hand-not inflated) got hung up on the rail. After hitting the water I looked up and the belt just came loose and dropped in the water. I swam over to it and then swam away from the rapid settling bow on my back. I inflated the belt and was holding it with one hand as I floated away on my back. I felt the pull of the sinking Pringle but it was really no big deal. That's when I met Pope. I cannot for the life of me remember his first name or what his job on the Pringle was. He was kind of flopping around saying he couldn't swim. I pushed one end of the belt to him and he grabbed it real good. So good in fact that I was afraid he would pull us both down. I have a situation where I can stand up straight in water and float without using my hands or feet, so that's what I did. Probably out of self preservation."
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Muggs was rescued by the LMS191
"After returning to San Francisco I went on survivors leave and got married on June 1, 1945 to my high school sweetheart, went back to Norfolk for reassignment and was on the DD828 in the Atlantic. The war was over and the ship was headed for Italy and they let me off in Portland Maine. Snow as hip deep to a tall Indian and I was guarding prisoners who were shoveling snow. [very cold]  Told them I was a plumber and worked inside fixing urinals. Discharged, went back to Michigan, had 4 children, 3 boys 1 girl [we adopted her] Worked at Daisy Air Rifles as a purchasing agent until they decided to move to Arkansas. Decided to go to Arizona and have been here ever since. Retired 18 years ago and do nothing but fish and play golf. Still married to the same bride [58 years 1 June 2003] Have a summer home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on the golf course, but decided to give it up as the altitude just doesn't agree with me any more. [8000 feet] "